Telephone Systems


Alfred Ashley Group Supply, Install and Support Business Telephone Systems for organisations with 5 up to 350 users.

Agility and mobility are essential features of all modern Business Telephone Systems and users demand the ability to use their chosen device from where ever they might be and expect to be easily accessible when they are available.

Business Telephone System II

  • Digital Business Phone Systems

  • Advanced Handset Features

  • Pickup Calls Anywhere

  • Voicemail Systems

  • Digital Receptionists

  • Retain your Number

Avaya Advanced Phone Systems

Avaya systems provide the perfect solution for 5 to 300 handsets with advanced functionality at a competitive price.

The ability to grow these systems with your business, will protect your investment and as a leading AVAYA partner, we can supply solutions starting from as little as £1,000 for 5 users.

The Virtual Business Phone System from £8.50/Month

The Virtual Business Phone System from £8.50/Month

For small or regional offices, a system that consists of just handsets. No ‘box on the wall’, just add single handsets as you require them, or move them to different sites.

Voicemail, forward calls to your mobile, transfer calls between extensions, even if they are at different locations. Low initial cost and £8.50/Month a handset that includes a phone line that would normally cost £13+ by itself.

Complete Business Phone System Solutions

Complete Business Phone System Solutions

Ordering or upgrading a system used to be confusing / tedious. Thus we can supply:

  • Telephone lines

  • Upgrade lines

  • Additional Services/Features

  • Complete Project Planning